Monday, December 13, 2010

Daily Light - December 13, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation."
Isaiah 12:3

On Sunday mornings I go to the church quite early. It is a time for me to make sure there are not any last minute things that I need to do and a time to pray for God's power and presence to be with us. At some time during the morning I listen to a song that simply says, "I am saved!" It does not matter how many times I have listened to that song, but each time I get choked up with the thought that the God that created the universe had a desire to save my soul. It is literally mind-blowing to think that the Almighty cared enough about me to give His life as a ransom for my condemned life.
Isaiah was writing to the children of Israel to prophesy of the judgment of God that was sure to come. However, he also prophesied to them of the deliverance that would come through the Messiah. Although they had turned their back on God and would surely face judgment for it, there was a promise of hope that would rise up in their midst. This hope is described by Isaiah as a Rod, a Branch, and the Root of Jesse. God would lower Himself to become man for the salvation of many. The children of Israel in no way deserved an opportunity of salvation. They had forsaken God time after time, and yet He continued to show them mercy in spite of their rebellion. While they did face punishment for their sin and neglect, God never allowed them to be consumed by their enemies. He proved time and again that He was their God and that they were His people.
There is a natural parallel to those who today profess by God's grace to be His children. Jew or Gentile, we have received this gift of salvation by the divine will and love of God. Each of us are undeserving of this outpouring of love, but God reached down into our lives and made us alive in Him. The figurative language of Isaiah is beautiful as He instructs God's people to have joy in the fact that they can draw water from this inexhaustible well of God's salvation. There have been children that have drawn from this well. There are those who have lived a life of self-righteousness and self-worth that have seen that the resource of this well is only for the humble and repentant, and they have drawn from this well on their knees. There are those who have shaken their fist at God and lived lives that would curse His name, but they found Him to be their only answer and hope and fell on their face to draw from this well. It is truly a spring of life that is overflowing for those who come in faith believing!
May you rejoice in God's salvation today!

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