Friday, January 14, 2011

Daily Light - January 14, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse
40 Days of Faith

"For those who say such things declare plainly that they seek a homeland."
Hebrews 11:14

My beautiful wife was born in the Andes Mountains of Peru in 1972, and before her first birthday her family moved to the United States. Officially she was a Peruvian citizen, but in 2002 her citizenship status changed. Along with our three children at the time, she and I made a trip to Atlanta for the swearing in ceremony of her United States citizenship. In that room there was around 200 people from over 30 different countries that were there for the same reason. An official stood and gave a tremendous speech on what it meant to be a US citizen. Then, each of the candidates for citizenship raised their right hand and pledged their allegiance to the United States as citizens. When they were finished, every one began to applaud. People that were complete strangers shook hands, hugged one another, and congratulated each other. It was truly a very moving moment that I will never forget.
The people of God living by faith today know that we are not yet home. This world and all of its allurements leave much to be desired. When the Spirit of God takes residence in a person's life, they instinctively know that there is a homeland that far surpasses this fallen world. We have a homeland that we cannot see, but there is a groaning within our spirit that waits for that day of adoption. We will walk by faith while we are here, and we must live for the Almighty while we are in this foreign land. However, we look forward to standing with the saints of all the ages before the throne of God in our new home.
Our citizenship and allegiance belongs to a place where God Himself dwells. It is not so much about the place as it is about Who is there. We simply long to be in the eternal presence of God. There will be a day that all of God's children will stand together in the throne room of God. We will give Him glory and praise with an understanding of who He is like never before. There will be those there who were strangers to us on this earth that will now be brothers, sisters, and fellow citizens. We will embrace one another and have the privilege of embracing the Father with the full knowledge that we are finally home.
May you continue to seek that homeland today!

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