Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daily Light - February 23, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Remember me, O my God, for good!"
Nehemiah 13:31

It seems that all of us have had that awkward moment in a store, park, or some other public place. That moment is the one where someone walks up to you and begins talking to you like they have known you all of their life, but you have absolutely no idea who they are. They are asking about your family and your job, but you cannot even recall their name and they look completely unfamiliar. Our pride won't let us ask them their name or tell them that we don't remember them, so instead we just go along with it and carry on a very confusing conversation.
One of the reasons that we do not tell people that we do not remember them is because we know what it feels like to be forgotten. It is not just embarrassing, but it is also a bit discouraging to realize that you left no impression on someone else's mind. You are just a face that is easy to forget. We want to be remembered and liked for all of the good characteristics which we display.
The encouragement from God's Word is that He doesn't forget us. Nehemiah asked God three times in this chapter to not forget him and all of the good that he had done for God's sake. As I studied that I wondered why he felt it so important to ask God to remember him several times. A study of the entire chapter will show that Nehemiah had felt the pain of people turning their back on him and essentially forgetting him. Some that had promised to work with him to build the wall became his main opposition to accomplishing the task. Many that were leaders of the nation forgot God whenever things began to go well and started abusing their position. Even the people whom Nehemiah led forgot the commandments of God and began to live in disobedience to what he had commanded them from the mouth of the Lord. It seemed as if every one was forgetting the fundamental things that they should be doing. So, with all of this in his mind, Nehemiah did not want God to forget him. It is an instinct in all of us.
The comfort is that God never forgets His children. The Bible tells us that the Good Shepherd knows those that are His. He remembers us in the dark watches of the night. Even when we are rowing in troublesome winds and facing the crashing waves, Jesus walks to us on the waters of our trials. You are not forgotten! God knows where you are, who you are, and what you mean to Him!
May you remember all that He is to you today!

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