Thursday, September 15, 2011

Daily Light - September 15, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Be opened."
Mark 7:34

Simple words for such a complex problem. Here is a man that is deaf and mute. He has been in this condition for some time. The world that he knows is silence. The joy of hearing a child's laughter is foreign to him. He had never experienced the soothing sounds of the birds singing on a spring morning. He lived in a world where every thing buzzed around him and his inability to communicate was so incredibly frustrating.
For him there was no cure. This would be his reality for the rest of his life. There would always be limits to what he could and could not do. On a certain day however some friends took him by the hand and motioned to him that they were taking him to see someone. Perhaps they talked of Jesus on the way and recalled all that He had done for others, but the deaf-mute heard none of it. He was simply on the journey. One thing that he had learned in his affliction was how to use his other senses well. It was not long before he looked up and saw the face of Jesus. His eyes immediately told Him that this man was different. There was kindness, compassion, and mercy in the eyes of Jesus. The deaf-mute had never seen such glory.
It was then that Jesus put His fingers in the ears of the man and then He spat and reached to touch the tongue of the man. With that came the two simple words that would be the first that this man would ever hear, "Be opened." It was with astonishment that the sound of the streets, the gasps of his neighbors, and the laughter of Jesus filled his ears. He could hear! In response to this miracle of the healing of his deaf ears he began to cry out for joy. What was this? For the first time he along with his friends heard his voice. The words of the psalmist were being fulfilled: "Let every thing that has breath praise the Lord!"
In our own lives we have complex problems. Our conditions range from the physical to the emotional, mental, spiritual, etc. We have not known what joys there are because of what afflicts us. It is when we recognize these things that we must come to Jesus. Those areas that are closed off from hope and joy can be immediately opened by the power of a simple word from Jesus. There is no obstacle or difficulty that is beyond His touch or that can resist His word.
May your life "be opened" by the Divine Healer today!

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