Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Serving on Foot

I have been thinking alot lately about pastors that I have met while on missions trips. People like Jose Luis in Jimenez, Mexico; Pastor Sopa in Dapong, Togo; Pastors Frisnel and Luke in Mirebelais, Haiti; all come to mind. These men will probably never be known by most of the world during their lifetime, but I know that their Heavenly Father knows them well. These men of God many times have walked from place to place to serve God. While in Mexico, Jose Luis gave up his car for a week so a visiting missionary could use it. Pastor Sopa has walked or ridden a bicycle to six different churches every Sunday for years.
With that in mind, I woke up the other day and decided to walk to the church (only about 5 miles away) and pray for them while I walked. As I was walking and praying, a rain storm rolled through and drenched me to the bone. There was no shelter, trees or building, within a mile or so. As I was running to get out of the rain, I wondered how many times these men had been miles away from their home and in the same situation. I was suddenly very humbled to be called their brother and fellow servant in Jesus Christ. It wouldn't hurt most of us to do some walking and to pray for our brothers and sisters all across the world that serve on foot.

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