Saturday, July 18, 2009

Where did that come from?

I think that it is odd how a word or group of words that you have rarely heard of suddenly become a regular part of your thinking. A few months ago, someone introduced me to the term "emergent church". Now, everywhere I go I hear someone talking about this term. Every book or magazine I read seems to mention this term. It is probably not everywhere, but I guess I am just simply more aware of it. That made me start thinking about the presence of God. How aware am I that God is in my life every day? I know that He is there, but I think that I am just not fixed on that thought and therefore some days I can seem to pass through without acknowledging Him like I should. God is so much there that He is at work in every part of my life. It would do me some good to wake up and acknowledge Him so as to yield to Him in every area. By the way, I brought up the emergent church. Every once in a while I am going to write about some things that I have learned about this group. I find it interesting. You can share with me what you think.

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