Thursday, August 19, 2010

Daily Light - August 19, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"He who has ears to hear, let him hear!"
Luke 14:35

I believe that there needs to be a nationwide seminar that all women go through before they get married. The main topic of this seminar will deal with when it is appropriate to tell your husband something important and the proper way to get his attention before you do speak to him. It is really not that difficult, but many wives have trouble with it. If any sporting event is on (that would include a live event, the replay of a game we've already seen, or news about sports), we cannot hear what you are saying. If what you are about to say is so important that it cannot wait until a commercial (which I can't imagine what would be so important), you must make sure that you have our undivided attention. Do not think that just because we acknowledged you speaking by responding verbally or by nodding our head that we actually heard you. Wow! I feel so much better after getting that off of my chest.
Does that sound familiar to any one else? I know that it does. We all know that it is possible to hear someone say something without ever really hearing them. Jesus knew that about us too. We can become spiritually deaf at times. It is not that we do not hear the teachings of Jesus, but we simply do not pay attention to them. This statement was often used by Jesus to show how much we need to really listen. Having two boys, I know how important it is to make sure they heard what I said. I stand them in front of me and give them verbal instructions then make them repeat it back to me. I imagine that Jesus has wanted to do that with me a time or two in my life. Often we will open our Bibles in the morning to read God's instructions for our lives to only have it crowded out by thoughts of what is coming up that day. Have you ever read a whole chapter and realized that you don't remember a thing you just read? We will sit in a church service and hear the Word being taught, and even though we are nodding in agreement, our mind is a million miles away. We are so busy in our prayer life that we give God our list of needs and wants, and then we get up without listening to what He needs or wants from us. You are only going to listen to God if you have a desire to listen to Him. That is essentially what Jesus is saying. So, do you want to listen and learn, or do you want to continue ignoring Jesus and pretend that you are listening? Let's tune our hearts into His.
May you desire to hear God and hear Him loud and clear today!

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