Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Light - August 6, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me."
Philippians 4:13

Have you ever noticed all of the funny excuses that we make for why we can or can't do something? See if some of these sound familiar. "I could never do that on an empty stomach." Of course there is also, "There is no way I could do that on a full stomach." So how do you get your stomach half full or half empty? "If I don't have my morning coffee, then I am no good the rest of the day!" Whoa! That just hit a nerve (especially if you haven't had your coffee yet). "I could never do what they do. I would be too embarrassed." Where did that spirit of fear that you have come from (check out 2 Timothy 1:7 on that). The list of excuses goes on and on and just gets more ridiculous to be honest.
The Apostle Paul wrote this letter to Philippi while he was lying in a prison cell. Of course he was in this prison cell, because he had done right by God. What would your letter from prison sound like, especially if you were innocent? We know from other Scriptures that there were many times that Paul had to stand alone at trial with no one to defend him or vouch for him. His needs must have been enormous. His words to the church were not words of doom and gloom. He did not beg them to come deliver him from his affliction. He had no bitterness toward his captors or those who failed to stand with him at trial. However, also notice that he didn't play the maverick either. He didn't think that he could pull himself up by his own boot straps. He had no interest in the self-help gurus of his day. His confidence was not in his abilities, his intellect, or his power of persuasion. Instead, all of Paul's confidence was in Christ.
He explained that he had been at this point in about every situation imaginable. He knew what it was to have much, and he knew what it was to have nothing. He knew the feeling of a full stomach, and he knew the hunger pangs of an empty one. He knew what it was to be surrounded by friends, and he knew what it was to be absolutely alone. He was saying, "There are no excuses for why I can't do all things. The only reason that I can do anything is because Christ is my strength." Do you believe that personally? Do doubt that is not to doubt yourself but God. It is His strength by which mountains are moved. It is His strength by which lives are changed. Put your confidence in Him not matter what your situation or circumstances.
May you make no excuses but only depend on the strength of Christ today!

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