Monday, October 11, 2010

Daily Light - October 11, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"So it was, when I heard these words, that I sat down and wept,
and mourned for many days; I was fasting and praying before the God of heaven."
Nehemiah 1:4

The desire of my heart in recent days is that the church of God would become broken hearted over its condition and grieve over it before a holy God. I feel that God is calling for us to awaken a generation of believers that has grown lukewarm and thinks that it is full and in need of nothing. I am praying for a genuine revival to move across the church in America and an awakening to take place in our land so that many others would come to Christ. We must remember that with God all things are possible. I am praying for each of you that God will break your heart and allow you to fall on your faces and beg for a renewal.
Someone once said that hearts were meant to be broken. I know that they meant it differently than what I am thinking. However, I believe that God is looking for people that will be spiritually broken. Each of us come into this faith like a wild horse that is stubborn and refuses to be bridled. We feel that if we are broken that we will lose our identity and our will. I think that is exactly what God wants. He does not want us to be bridled and bound to the will of other people. He wants us to yield completely to His will and His way.
How incredible it would be if each member of God's family had no identity of their own but only the identity of Christ! What would it be like if we lived our lives so submissively that people could not distinguish between our will and the will of the Father? The world needs to see a church that is broken in spirit, mournful, meek, hungry, merciful, pure, peaceful, and faithful even in persecution. Are we that church? Are we desperately seeking God? Oh, how I long to be a part of a move of God that is so divine that there is no physical explanation for what is happening!
Please pray that we would see a renewal and an awakening in this generation.

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