Friday, October 29, 2010

Daily Light - October 29, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"He leads me beside the still waters."
Psalm 23:2

I have thought much about this phrase as of late. We are taught in the psalms that we are the sheep of God's pasture. That means that He has taken upon Himself the responsibility of our care. He has chosen to nourish us, protect us, and provide us. No wonder the psalmist could say that he has no anxiety when he realizes who his Shepherd is.
The Good Shepherd leads me. The Bible teaches us to seek the face of the Lord. That is to many a very confusing phrase. I believe that it means that we are to seek the Lord's direction and therefore His will. If you are walking north, your back would be to the south and your face to the north. It is that simple. We must begin to seek after the way that God is leading us and start walking that direction. The Bible tells us that Jesus is our example and that we should walk in His steps. Why does the Good Shepherd lead us? Why doesn't He just tell us which way to go and send us out on our own? Remember that the Shepherd knows His sheep. We are incapable of going our own way and accomplishing the will of the Father. We desperately need a Lamp for our feet and a Light for our path.
He leads me beside the still waters. There is a purpose for His leading and a place for His leading. The Good Shepherd doesn't just lead us to any water. He leads us to the still waters. Many have been led astray by the enemy to drink from the filthy streams of religion, the corrupt rivers of self-righteousness, and the polluted springs of carnality. They have had their fill of this water to find that it leaves them unsatisfied. The Good Shepherd leads us to the water that as we drink it becomes a well springing up in our very bosom. He leads us to the water that not only quenches our thirst for the moment but becomes a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.
Our Shepherd became a sheep that went to the slaughter and tasted the bitterness of death. He took upon Himself the unquenching water mixed with vinegar. Now, He calls us to follow Him into this place. He leads us to take up our own cross. However, when we choose to take up this cross of pain and suffering, we find that there is joy unspeakable awaiting our souls. The Shepherd knows what is best for His sheep, and He leads us to that water ever so lovingly.
May you follow the Shepherd today!

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