Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Daily Light - November 9, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling."
Philippians 2:12

They tell us that we have more gyms and work-out facilities in our nation than ever in history. There is an emphasis in many parts of our society on staying fit. Some stay fit for reasons concerning their health while others do it for the sake of appearance. It is also said that more than half of the people with memberships to a gym hardly ever go. They pay their monthly dues and tell every one that they are a member, but they do not ever take advantage of the benefits that await them.
The average Christian can be much like these individuals. In Jesus Christ we have all of the benefits of salvation at our disposal. God has saved us to accomplish His will for His pleasure. There is nothing that God does that is not good. Many believers, however, miss out on those things, because we are spiritually sitting on the sidelines. To me, there is nothing more boring than sitting on the sidelines during a ball game. I desperately want to be involved in some way. I want to be active. I pray that my spiritual life is always the same way. Why would I want to just sit back and watch every one else serve God and live for Him. Let me be on the front lines of what God is doing.
This passage of Scripture is not teaching that we work for our salvation, as some have interpreted it. In the context, Paul beautifully illustrated what Christ did for us by becoming man and being obedient to death, the death of the cross. With this illustrated, Paul is stressing to the church at Philippi that our obedience should be no less than His. What Christ has put in you by the salvation of your soul, must be active and real. James said it this way, "Faith without works is dead." What if Peter would have believed that he could walk on the water by the power of God but never got out of the boat? His faith would have been dead and insufficient. I would argue that it would not truly be faith. You cannot separate faith from the act of obedience. They go hand in hand.
If you are an individual that proclaims faith in Christ, then today "work out" that faith. Display that faith by a life lived for the sake of Christ. Let nothing hinder a life that is active and fruitful for the kingdom of God.
May you enjoy your work out today!

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