Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Daily Light - May 11, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"To whom then will you liken God?"
Isaiah 40:18

Beethoven. Victoria. Einstein. Dickens. The list of names could go on forever. Each of these individuals and many others accomplished astounding things that have shaped our world to be what it is today. We would also say that they are "arguably" the best in their field. They have the credentials to prove the worthiness of this title. Imagine for a moment if you could take the artistry of a Beethoven, the leadership of a Victoria, the brilliance of an Einstein, the eloquence of a Dickens and roll it into one person. What an amazingly gifted person that would be, and the accolades that they would receive from this world would be numerous! However, they could in no way compare to the Almighty God!
What man's very being can stretch from eternity to eternity? Who beside God has always been, is today, and always will be? What man with just his spoken word created not only the beautiful majesty of this earth but also the amazing and untouched expanse of the universe? What man is so diligent in his creation that he not only created and named every star but he chose to place his own image on that which he formed from the dust of the ground? What man would love so much that when his own creation turned his back on him and fell under the curse of death that he would choose to bring them back by giving his own life for them?
What man is so holy in his nature that he cannot lie or fall under the deception of a cruel world? What man hears the cries of the abused child, the grieving widow, the guilty prisoner, the wayward son, and the repentant sinner? What man can keep his promise to never leave nor forsake those that he loves? What man can bring victory from defeat, joy out of mourning, and peace in the midst of trouble? What man can continue to persevere generation after generation even as throngs try to destroy his credibility and his name? What man can bring a mighty king to his knees and at the same time raise up a lowly servant to heavenly places?
The answer is simple. There is no one like our God! Man may doubt Him, mock Him, deny Him, and even crucify Him. Man may try to explain Him away or say that He doesn't even exist, but the fact that He is will not change. There is no one like our God!
May you know Him and Him alone today!

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