Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Daily Light - May 4, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war."
Psalm 120:7

It seems as if we are obsessed with violence. The most popular movies, television programs, and video games are filled with violence that is just over the top. There is a fascination with it that has become unhealthy for the average consumer. We would like to blame the media for the problem, but they wouldn't be selling it if there weren't a market for it. Most people are obsessed with violence because there is an unsettled rage within the heart of man. We want to vent our frustrations and feed the side of us that desires revenge on others.
This attitude is even prevalent within the church. People seem to long for someone to have a problem with; they are prepared at any moment to argue over any thing that comes their way. They revel in conflict and disagreement and appear to be unsatisfied if things are at peace. The psalmist had a completely different attitude that should be the prevailing attitude among God's children.
Does your heart crave peace? Does trouble, consternation, and disagreement grieve you or do you secretly love it? It is apparent from the psalmist that those who hate God are the ones that are always looking for a fight. They try desperately to get others riled up and angry; they want nothing of this so-called peace. If this were written today, they would say that peace is for wimps. Real men are not only ready to fight, but they are looking for one. They hate their brother without any cause. They spend most of their time trying to tear down another individual and provoke them to anger. As Paul said of those things that are unspiritual, don't let this attitude be named among God's children.
Please know that if you determine to be a peace-maker you will have more enemies than you did before. When you speak up for God and for what is right, they will see that as a call to fight. When you try to share the love of God that leads to a peace that passes all understanding, they will see you as a threat to their way of life. When this happens, realize that God's way is peace and you are to be an ambassador of that peace. The way to peace for all men is through the Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ. Declare Him and not war on those around you.
May you know peace in the midst of chaos today!

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