Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Daily Light - July 12, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

Matthew 7:7

Here in these three words we see the divine description and pattern of prayer. Jesus taught His disciples the basics of prayer so that they might make it a part of their regular spiritual discipline. Prayer is an essential element to the Christian life, but many are intimidated by it. There is a fear of not knowing how to pray properly or saying the wrong thing. As we enter into this blessed relationship with God and recognize how much He loves us, we find that He enjoys hearing from His children.
The word "ask" clearly shows us the relationship of God as our Father. He knows that we have needs. Some of them may seem small or some may be great, but in the eyes of God they are all important. We need not be a fearful child hiding around the corner afraid to approach the Father. Instead, He encouraged us to come boldly to His throne with the confidence that not only does he want to hear our requests but He longs to meet them as well. Never fear to take your needs before a God that owns the cattle on a thousand hills and has made you an heir to all that is His. Of course this "ask" is a request and not a demand. Only an insolent child would demand of their father. We are servants of the most high God; therefore we come to our Master humbly with our hearts lifted to Him.
We find in that thought the importance of the word "seek". As servants of the Almighty we must recognize that we do not always know best in every situation. Numerous times throughout Scripture we are encouraged to seek the face of God. The face of God is always pointed in the direction of His will. He is looking toward a finishing mark that we often cannot see. Therefore, as we ask and bring our petitions to the Lord, we are also to pray in accordance with His will. That should be the very first thing we seek. Too often we are so concerned about our will that we fail to consider the will of God in the situations of our lives. Perhaps how we are praying is what He wills, but it is also possible that God sees something better that might bring Him glory and accomplish His purpose. We must humbly remember as we seek the Lord that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.
Finally, we are told to "knock". This gives us a description of a persistent prayer life. Jesus taught a parable in Luke 18, and we are told the purpose of this story is that "men always ought to pray and not lose heart". There is most definitely power in persistent prayer. We are commanded on numerous occasions to pray continually. God never tires of hearing from His children. There are times when we have prayed again and again for something and sought His face so much that we feel as if we are being a bother to God. God is not a man that tires of his children's persistence. God recognizes that we are coming to Him because we are completely dependent upon Him and that brings Him joy. So, those things that you may ask for in prayer, continue asking. The numerous times that you have sought the will of God in a matter and still have not yet found it, continue seeking.
May you be encouraged in the fact that God loves to hear you pray!

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