Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily Light - July 13, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"I never knew you!"
Matthew 7:23

There can be no doubt that Jesus Christ is the only way to everlasting life. There have been and always will be those that deny it and teach other wise. One conservative radio host said that people that believe this way are no different than the radical Muslims that want to kill others. Of course, that is his opinion that he is allowed to have, but one's opinion does not change what is absolutely true. Jesus referred to a narrow gate and men like stubborn sheep have balked against it for thousands of years.
There will of course come a day in the future when all things will be revealed. Every fruit that was brought forth will be exposed for what it really is. Not only will the motives of man be revealed but also his heart. We are easily fooled by the words, actions, and performances of men. Some can present themselves as genuine children of the Light and be quite convincing. The words that emanate from their lips sound extremely persuasive and even sincere. The amount of people that their life has affected is staggering and the accolades of their accomplishments read like a description of Christ Himself. Surely no one would deny them entrance into the presence of God.
Stop for a moment however and realize that there is not a one of us that will stand before our peers and let them determine our eternal destiny. Each individual will stand before not simply the final judge but the only judge, Jesus Christ. Christ, the very God that created all things and has always been, is not impressed with our list of deeds. There are no fine speeches that will persuade Him to reject His own justice and holiness. Some will try, but try in vain. In that day it will not be so much about what you know about Christ but whether or not He knows you. How fearful and sad the words will be as they echo through the judgment hall of eternity: "I never knew you; depart from Me!"
It seems that there are many that are holding on to what good they have done. These individuals are often even ministers of the Gospel. They have accomplished something in the corner of the world that they have been placed and that it is to be commended. What is not commendable is the fact that there is sin ever before them but they act as if it does not exist. Even when this sin is public they hide behind their position and their righteous deeds. They refuse to acknowledge it and refuse to repent. Others may even come along side of them and give them support, but woe be unto the individual who covers sin. There will be no one to be our advocate when we stand before God but Jesus Christ. If we have sinned against Him and grieved the Spirit, there should be a fear and trembling in our souls.
Praise be to the Lamb that He paid the price for our sin and that there is no sin that is too great that it cannot be washed in that crimson flow and made white as snow! We must come humbly to the feet of Jesus, the only place that we can find redemption and forgiveness. It is there and there alone that He makes us His own and becomes our advocate before the Father.
May you know the redeeming power of Jesus today!

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