Sunday, September 14, 2008

Learning through Teaching

This weekend I tried to teach one of my children how to ride a bike. Two of my children were fairly easy to teach, so I expected the same of the third. It went far different than I imagined. After almost two hours both of us were exhausted and frustrated, and in true "Dave" like fashion I became angry and irritated. You would have thought that I asked a Marine drill instructor to teach my child how to ride a bike. Then, God got a hold on my heart.
We took a break, and I challenged my child to realize that they can do all things through Christ. I challenged them to realize that they were capable if they would apply themselves. I began to use positive reinforcement instead of degrading criticism. After the 15 minute break we tried again with these new methods of encouragement. Within five minutes my child was riding away with ease.
As I contemplated this last night, I though that Christ must be the same way with us. Something that is so simple that it should be easy we make complicated. Yet God differs in that He does not quit on us or give up. As His creation He knows that we are capable to do all things through His power. Maybe we should stop trying to teach so much and start learning.

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