Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Praying for Our Enemies

Last night at our cottage prayer meeting I gave a thought on this subject from Psalm 56:1-7. Often when we talk about praying for our enemies, we simply use the scriptures of loving our enemies and turning the other cheek. While there is a definite need for us to do both at times, I also believe that there is a time that we pray for God's hand of judgment to be made known in their lives. The real point then is our motivation for this prayer. If I truly love that person, I am asking God to do what He deems best to get their attention. Often we have tried many things, but we realize that they are only going to respond to the mighty hand of God. The Apostle Paul even instructed the church at Corinth to turn one of their own over to the devil so that he might be brought back to the faith. This type of prayer is not done lightly, but it is scriptural. We approach God in this way with humility wanting what He sees as best.

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