Thursday, September 23, 2010

Daily Light - September 23, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Who is this King of glory?"
Psalm 24:8, 10

We live today in a world that not only doubts but outright denies the existence of God. I find almost on a daily basis the writings, recordings, and public witness of people who will go so far to deny God that they blaspheme His name. Some treat God as a fictional character and try to bring Him down to the level of simple man. Others mock His very existence and dare Him to judge their blatant sin if He really exists. When I hear these things, I have a righteous anger that courses through my body, but I also have a broken heart for the souls of these individuals.
If you are a believer, I imagine that you share some of my feelings in this area. However, you are just the person that I would like to contend with. While we may believe in God's existence and trust Him by faith for our salvation, we are also guilty at times of making less of Him. For example, I notice that many believers treat God as just a convenience. They only turn to Jesus when they really need Him. When things are difficult, they pray and ask Him where He is, but when things are going well, God is ignored and never spoken to. Many believers live their lives more concerned with what others think about them than God. When they need to make an important decision, God is not their first choice but a last resort. The average believer in America today does not read their Bible on any sort of regular basis. Many treat God like a genie in a bottle. If they have a need, they rub the lamp and ask for their wish to be granted. As soon as everything is okay, they put God back in the bottle until next time. When we consider this, I am not sure that the world is the only group being blasphemous.
The psalmist asked in this triumphal psalm, "Who is this King of glory?" That would be a great question for all of us to ask today. Who is this King to you? Is He a fairy tale, a convenience, or a genie in a bottle? Or, is He the Lord, strong and mighty? If He is, why are you depending on your own strength to live the Christian life? Is He the Lord, mighty in battle? If He is, don't you think that it is time to quit fighting your personal battles on your own and give them to Him? Is He the Lord of hosts? If He is, you are now set free to boldly proclaim Him and His love to this world with no fear of what man can do unto you. Is He the King of glory? If He is, then do not neglect to praise Him each and every day for all you have and all you are in His name. What a joy and privilege it is to say that He is our God and our personal Savior! What a thrill it is to know that He is with me even unto the end! Who is this King of glory? He is my mighty King!
May you give the King glory today!

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