Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Daily Light - June 28, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"Blessed are..."
Matthew 5:3

The Sermon on the Mount is famously known for the Beatitudes that are listed in verses 3-12. These beatitudes offer spiritual fulfillment and joy to those who follow the way of Christ. With each spiritual attitude there is a spiritual blessing that accompanies it. Unfortunately, we have often separated them into individual attitudes and pursued only those we felt were achievable in our lives.
This is not unusual, because we do the same thing with what is called the "fruit of the Spirit" in Galatians 5. Some will comment that they have the gift of love and peace, but they find patience and meekness to be impossible for them. God never intended for you to only have a portion of His Spirit; He desires for you to grow up in all of these areas. It is the same with the Beatitudes.
See these spiritual attitudes as a progression that you must follow. There first must be an understanding of how poor (v. 3) we are spiritually. This realization will lead us to mourn (v. 4) over our sin and the corruption of our flesh. One who is spiritually mournful cannot help but be meek (5) before both God and men. They recognize that something is missing in their lives, thus begins a hunger and thirst (6) for God and His righteousness. As God fills them with Himself, they inherit the ability to be merciful (7) as God is merciful. They offer this mercy out of a pure heart (8) with no personal motives but only the motive to demonstrate Christ to others. With Christ as their goal for all men they desire to show peace (9) and bring about peace in all things. This peace passes all understanding even in the face of persecution (10).
Through the opening words of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount we see His desire for His children. These are necessary steps that must be taken in order to live not only a life for God but to live the abundant life that He has promised to each of His disciples that will forsake all and follow Him. Our spiritual actions will be rewarded only as they follow our spiritual attitudes.
May you take the first step in the right direction today!

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