Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Daily Light - June 8, 2011

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"He who says he abides in Him ought himself also to walk just as He walked."
1 John 2:6

There is in every generation a definite need for spiritual leadership. I would imagine that if you read writings of Christians from every age you would hear a cry of desperation for spiritual leaders in that day. It is of vital importance that men and women be leaders for Christ, but it is first and foremost imperative that those that would be leaders have learned to be followers of Christ first.
Many men and women have taken up the mantle of leadership in the name of Christ, and they have led others to a fulfilling relationship with God. Paul led young men like Timothy and Titus so that they could lead a generation that followed after them. It is also true that some have led people "in the name of Christ" and unfortunately led them to destruction. Many of these leaders may have started out sincerely enough, but too often pride, ego, arrogance, and the flesh caused them to start leading others in their direction and not Christ's. They demanded loyalty, even blind loyalty, and their followers went along with the plans to the unfortunate demise of not only their own lives but in many cases the testimony of our Lord and Savior.
This analogy came to me the other day as I was jogging and saw some ducks walking down the street in our neighborhood. There were three of them walking together in a line. The first duck was waddling down the road and wandering in no certain pattern. He would go straight for a few feet and then make a sharp left. At one point he walked in a circle. He would go to the edge of the road and walk on the grass for a while and then back to the pavement. While this all seemed strange, it is not what really caught my eye. The other two ducks walked right behind the lead duck and did every thing that he did. I at first admired the other two ducks for being such good followers, then it happened. A truck came driving down the road, but the ducks were on the other side of the road completely safe. Then, for some unknown reason the first duck quickly walked out right in front of the truck. Of course, the other two followed him into the path of the approaching vehicle. I no longer admired the other two ducks now, because their blind loyalty put their life at risk.
First, we must be careful to follow after the principles of Jesus Christ given to us through His Word and through the leadership of the indwelling Holy Spirit. Second, we must learn to perceive if the leaders that we are following are following after Christ. The greatest test for this is the first test that is given for godly leaders: are these individuals of blameless character? We are to walk like Christ and follow only those who are doing the same.
May you walk after the pattern of your Master today!
By the way, the driver of the truck noticed the three little ducks just in time and came to a stop until they crossed the road! I knew that some of you would want to know.

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Dianna Hudson. said...

I liked this one, especially because of the ducks. ducks arent very smart.