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Daily Light - July 19, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"There he built an altar to the LORD and called on the name of the LORD."
Genesis 12:8

There is not a one of us that has any idea what tomorrow holds. We live each day knowing that the circumstances of life can change very quickly. One of the most amazing parts of living the Christian life is how much God prepares us for these changes. While we may not know what is in store for the future, He most assuredly does. Therefore, He directs our lives with the knowledge of the circumstances of which we are oblivious.
God called Abram out of a pagan country and told him that He had great plans for his life. I am sure that Abraham never dreamed that God would bless him and use him to the extent that He did. However, as I was reading this first calling of Abram and his obedience to God, I recognized that he built an altar and called on the name of the Lord. As you do further study of the journeys of Abraham, you will find that this became a regular practice for every where that he settled. Abraham probably became an expert at building altars. He had done it so many times. He probably took great pains to do it well. He was doing this for the Lord. This was no haphazard effort on his part. He wanted to give the best to God. It is this place that he would come time and time again to worship the Lord. He took this very serious.
However, this expertise would be put to the test. If you know the story of Abraham's life, God gave him a promised son named Isaac. Abraham had waited for this promise to be fulfilled, and God came through to give him this precious son. However, God asked for Abraham to give Isaac back by the way of sacrifice. This was no where in the plans. How could God ask such a thing? God wanted Abraham to know that everything belonged to the Lord. So, guess what Abraham had to do. He had to build an altar. Out of all of the altars that he had built, this would most definitely be the toughest. It is hard to build an altar with a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. It is hard to build an altar with tears in your eyes. It is hard to build an altar with a broken heart. Unless, God had prepared you for this day, and you had done it hundreds of times before.
As you know, God spared Abraham's son and blessed him. However, Abraham showed God complete obedience not only on this day but all the days previously. You have been called to do right day in and day out. You may have no idea what God is preparing you for, but trust Him daily and He will be your strength when the day of testing comes.
May you build an altar by faith today!

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