Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daily Light - July 27, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

"My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?"
Mark 15:34

I was recently reading about the crucifixion of our Lord, and there were so many phrases where I saw His suffering. We often talk about the fact that Jesus has experienced what we have, and therefore He is able to sympathize with us. I began to think about those that have been martyred for Christ and knew that they could relate much better than I could.
There were people who gave false witness against Jesus. Even today in many countries Christians are put on trial, and witnesses appointed by the government or some other group accuse them of things they have never done. I saw where they unmercifully beat Jesus and mocked Him while they did it. Thousands of followers of Christ have endured torturous beatings and have been mocked by even their own family members. Jesus was vehemently denied by one of His closest followers. There have been numerous stories of how Christians stood alone against their accusers and no one would stand with them, because they feared for their own lives. The crowd around Jesus chose a proven criminal to be released to insure His death. Even today there are many that call evil good and good evil. I also read in these accounts of the crucifixion where Jesus breathed His last breath. I once again think of the thousands that have had their lives taken from them simply because they named Jesus Christ as their Savior, Lord, and God.
There is only one thing that none of these martyrs for Christ experienced that Jesus did. When Jesus had on Him all of the sins of the world, the Bible tells us that He became sin for us. At this moment, we are told that the Father turned His back on His Son. This is the evidence that God cannot be acquainted with sin. This is the reason for the great anguish of Jesus in the garden as He prayed. There has never been one believer, one martyr, or one follower of Christ that has been forsaken by God. He promised us that He would never leave us, and He has been faithful. In the cold prison cells, Christians have experienced the presence of God and the joy that has accompanied it. Even while suffering torture, these martyrs have heard the Spirit of God speaking directly to their hearts. While taking their last breaths, these dear saints have seen heaven opened in preparation for their first steps into glory.Jesus has truly experienced for us all things, even that which we will never know. Thankfully, Jesus went to hell and conquered death and the grave. He is now at the right hand of the Father interceding for us. He truly knows what you feel and even more. Praise Him, Jesus our blessed Redeemer!
May you know His everlasting love today!

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