Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Daily Light - July 5, 2010

Daily Light from the Lighthouse

“The clouds are the dust of His feet.”
Nahum 1:3b

Do you ever just stop and think of the majesty and power of God? I have shared this many times, but it is my majestic God-moment. When God first allowed Susan and me to birth the ministry of Lighthouse, I was working third shift at Gulfstream. Being a third shift employee has its negatives and positives. One of the negatives is that during the day you feel like a vampire. However, one of my first few nights on third shift taught me the greatest benefit. While on a break, I was able to walk out onto the tarmac at the airport. The runway lights had been turned off since the last scheduled plane had come in for the night. It was amazingly dark. I looked up into the sky and saw more stars than I ever had before. It was not the immensity of the number of stars that captivated my mind. It wasn’t even the brilliance in which they shone. I immediately thought of the power of God as He spoke all of that into being. With just His voice He created the vast expanse of wonder that lay before me.
This verse brings back that thought to my mind. The thought that the clouds are the dust of His feet makes sense. The enormity of His creation is simply miniscule compared to Him. He is awesomely majestic! In context this is also a picture of what we are to God as well, especially those who reject Christ. Abraham recognized his place and confessed to God that before Him he was simply dust. In our sin we are absent of any glory. It is only when we come to know Christ that He shapes this lump of clay into something incorruptible and beautiful. Those who reject Christ remain in this earthly condition. Jesus instructed the disciples to shake off their feet the dust of the city that rejected the Gospel. It is not that God does not love the sinner, but He refuses to be rejected and dismissed by that which He created. He wants to make you glorious like Himself! I repeat this phrase by Max Lucado often: “God loves you just the way you are, but He refuses to leave you that way. He wants you to be just like Jesus!”
May you see God tonight and not simply the stars.

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